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Russian Lessons-Day 1 (Russian-Feb 2012)

Rivers for Change-12 Rivers in 2012
Russian River- February 7-12, 2012

By Danielle Katz

Day 1-

The afternoon is quickly slipping by as we head up to our put in near Potter Valley. It has been raining slightly in the last 24 hrs, but not enough to bring the water levels up substantially. Our initial put-in looks too boney […]

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Photos from the Russian River

You can view more photos from our 111 mile trip down the Russian River here

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Science Lessons (Lower Yuba-Jan 2012)

Rivers for Change: 12 Rivers in 2012
Lower Yuba: January 2012

By Danielle Katz, Photos by Darin McQuoid

Galen scratches his head and shuffles through some papers. Darin looks at his watch. “So how exactly do we measure 100 pebbles?” I ask. John starts to explain the walking process, heal to toe, every rock over ¼ of a […]

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