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The Last 40 miles-Klamath

Rivers for Change 12 Rivers Campaign: Weitchpec to Requa on the Klamath

I had been traveling down the Klamath River from Iron Gate dam for the last 9 days. With 140 miles down and 40 to go, I was stuck. My paddling partner had pulled out early due to a chronic injury and I was down […]

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The Middle Klamath – Warmest water this side of the Tropics

Klamath Blog by Haven Livingston

I met up with Danielle, founder of Rivers for Change, and her friend, Season, after they had already been on the river for a couple of days. The heat caught me unprepared and when I arrived at our meeting […]

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The Upper Klamath

It’s 103 degrees out and I’m surrounded by poison oak. Oily reddish-green leaves litter my entire Jefe kayak. Shuddering at the thought of sitting down in this poisonous mess, I’m wishing there was a cold mountain stream on the other side of this toxic barrier. Instead, just beyond the bushes is the dam restrained Klamath […]

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