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We are currently seeking businesses interested in an exciting marketing opportunity through sponsorship of the Truckee River Source to (Inland) Sea Paddling and Environmental Learning Journey. This June, the non-profit organization Rivers for Change will host an event for paddlers to travel the entire length of the Truckee river while reaching out to communities, organizations, and schools along the way.

Participants will consist of a small core team of experienced paddlers completing the entire 150 miles, while supporting a student ambassador team of middle schoolers and a number of guest paddlers on selected reaches.   We expect to have the event covered extensively through social media and news media, so there is opportunity for some high profile recognition through your sponsorship.

We of course would love cash donations particularly to sponsor student team participation, but would also welcome product donations we could use for a raffle/auction and in-kind donations to support the team of paddlers and volunteers.  Please read the2017TruckeeRiverSTSsponsorshipdeck to find out more about what marketing profile you get at different levels of sponsorship and contact Sue Norman for more information.

Thank you for your interest and support connecting people to rivers!