The table below provides a draft Itinerary of the Truckee River Source to (inland) Sea Paddle and Environmental Learning Adventure.  This table provides information on paddling distances planned for each day for the core team and student ambassador team, guest paddler reaches, and on-shore educational stops for school groups and paddlers.

Of course as we watch the spring runoff from this historic winter, alterations to this itinerary may need to occur.   The Department of Water Resources has recorded California snowpack water content as of March 1st, at levels “far above average”, tracking closely to the winter of 1983.  One thing is for sure, we will not have to worry about having enough water for the event!   You can see visual images of the reaches described in the table on the 10 maps provided on the Route page.

*RFC is currently in the progress of obtaining permission to access and egress from the river at numerous locations along the route.  Changes to the itinerary may occur if environmental conditions do not allow access or egress at currently planned locations.

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