Registration is open for the following Guest Paddle Days! Register on Eventbrite and then set up a Fundraising Page!

Guest Paddlers:

As a Guest Paddler you are supporting the Educational Outreach we are conducting through the Truckee River Source to Sea Project. Guest paddlers are expected to conduct individual fundraising of at least $100 in addition to their registration fees. There will be prize for top Fundraiser so be sure to spread the word!

There are numerous opportunities for guest paddlers to participate on several stretches of the journey (see below for descriptions) ranging from a scenic paddle along the west shore of Lake Tahoe, two fun whitewater sections between Tahoe City and Reno, and a beautiful meandering float through restored riparian/wetland habitat,

Fundraising: Donations raised through your fundraising will be used first and foremost for direct costs associated with the event; a series of in-class room presentations, on-shore events with students and local communities, and the paddling adventure for student ambassadors along the Upper Truckee River to its terminus in Pyramid Lake. Total costs are expected to range from between $20,000 to $25,000 depending on participant interest level and staff/volunteer capacity. Any funding raised over the amount needed for this event, will be used for seed money to plan and execute the next Source to Sea Event in 2018 (river TBD).

Registration Steps:

1) Pick a reach of the Truckee River to join! Be sure you have the appropriate paddling skills for the day!

2) Register through Eventbrite by selecting the Date and Ticket Type for that Specific Day and Paddling Reach.

3) Fundraise! You can either:

a) Create your own fundraising page in association with the campaign. Customize your Fundraising Page with photos, your story, and emails to your family, friends, and colleagues. Be sure to check out some tips for fundraising here!

b) If you don’t want to create your own page, send your family, friends, and colleagues directly to the Rivers for Change campaign page and make sure your Donor types your name in the “leave a message for Rivers for Change” text box so you get credit for that donation!

Note: If the minimum of $100 fundraising is not fulfilled you will be charged for the amount you did not fundraise before you are allowed to participate. Deadline for fundraising is May 31, 2017.

Requirements: Each participant is required to sign a liability release and wear a PFD. Specific skill sets are required for certain reaches, be sure to review before signing up! All participants agree to appear in the event related media coverage free of charge.

Once you have registered, your entry fee is non-refundable. In the event of a natural disaster or flood, you may receive partial refund on your registration fee. The amount returned in event of natural disaster will be determined based on the expenses paid in preparation prior to the event.

Participating in paddle sports on moving water is an inherently dangerous activity. Event participants are responsible for knowing and understanding that participating in this event poses risk of injury or fatality. Participants must be properly prepared and are required to have the necessary training in vessel handling, self rescue and basic first aid to take part in this event.

Click here for FAQ’s:

Descriptions of Reaches

Lake Tahoe Reach

Date: June 3, 2017, approximate start time 8:30am (to be confirmed)

Section: The Lake Tahoe Reach: Camp Richardson to Meeks Bay

Distance and Time: 8.7 miles, approximate duration – 4 hours-Those who do not want such a long paddle can opt to take out at Bliss State Park (approximately 5 miles), but will need to arrange their own shuttle.

Description: A flat water paddle from Camp Richardson to Meeks Bay, one of the most scenic shorelines along Lake Tahoe. Largely undeveloped, this route passes by the towering snow covered slopes of Mt. Tallac, the iconic Emerald Bay, the stunning cliffs and coves between Emerald Bay and Bliss State Park, and over some of the deepest water in Lake Tahoe, before entering the emerald/turquoise waters of Meeks Bay.

Lunchtime Education: The day will end with lunch on the white sandy beach of Meeks Bay Resort, which will include a 30 minute discussion on local/federal/state stewardship efforts to protect Lake Tahoe Clarity.

Requirements: Guest paddlers should be able to paddle their craft at a sustained rate of 3 miles an hour (with no wind). Recommended craft: OC-1, OC-2, surf-ski, fast sea kayaks, or racing SUP. Those with at least one full season of outrigger canoe paddling experience can request a seat in an OC-6, provided by the Kawai’ulu O’ Tahoe Outrigger Canoe Club.

Guest Paddler Limit: 30 solo/duo boats, and 5 outrigger seats.

Because of the record snowpack this year, and the high degree of uncertainty associated with predicting flows during the event, the actual put-in and take-outs for the following two reaches, will depend on flow levels.  Final decisions on put-in and take-outs will be made the day of the event.

Boca to Verdi Reach

Date: June 6, 2017, approximate start time: 10:00am (to be confirmed)

Section: The Truckee Reach: The high water (>3,000 cfs) option for this day will be the Truckee town run (Goose Neck Meadows campground or Donner Creek confluence, to Hirschdale).  If flow levels drop to below 3,000 cfs, the run for this day will move farther down the canyon below Truckee (Boca to Verdi).

Distance and Time: 17 miles, Class II-III whitewater, approximate duration – 4 hours.

Description:  Guest paddlers will meet at IRIE raft company office in Truckee, CA.  Because of the high flows we are expecting this year, the water will be fast, and bouncy. Because of the challenging high water conditions, limited raft guest paddler spots will be available. Three guided rafts will be provided by IRIE whitewater rafting company based in Truckee, CA.

Lunchtime Education: A late lunch will be provided at the take out, and a 30 minute presentation/discussion will be given on efforts to improve recreational access on the Truckee river, including modifications to legacy dams, and development of the Tahoe/Pyramid Bikeway.

Requirements: Guest raft paddlers must have previous rafting experience on Class III whitewater. Adult guest paddlers will be placed in boats with 2 to 3 members of the student ambassador team.

Guest kayakers must have a bomb proof roll and either solid Class IV kayaking experience or prior experience on the Reach.

Guest paddler limit: in IRIE rafts: 8. Guest Kayaker Limit: 4.

Onshore option: Guest bikers will be encouraged to participate on the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway from Floristan to Verdi. More information on that coming soon.

Reno Reach

Date: June 8, 2017

Section: The Reno Reach, Class II to III whitewater

Distance and Time: 14 or 5.5 miles, approximate duration – 3 to 4 hours, with play boating.

Description:  This reach is the after work run for the Reno kayaking community.  If the water is above 3,000 cfs the run will begin at Mayberry Park, if water drops to below 3,000 the put in will move up to Verdi. Guest Paddlers will meet at Mayberry park that morning for a welcome and brunch hosted by Reno Councilperson Jenny Brekhus.  The run will end in the heart of downtown Reno at the Reno Whitewater Play Park (Wingate Park).  There we can watch paddlers show off their rodeo moves.

Education: The day will include a short discussion on the Reno/Sparks whitewater parks and the Reno Whitewater Festival, and what value that has added to the Reno community.

Requirements: Guest paddlers must have solid Class III boating experience, and be able to demonstrate their ability to ferry and catch an eddy at the put in. Whitewater kayaker that do not have solid class III boating experience, will need to demonstrate their roll. Recommended craft, whitewater kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and rafts.

Guest Paddler Limit: 10 kayaks, and 8 guest raft paddlers.

Nature Conservancy Reach

Date: June 9 2017

Section: The Nature Conservancy Reach

Distance and Time: 10.5 miles, Class I, approximate duration – 4 hours.

Description: This reach will include the most interesting discussions of river stewardship of all the guest paddler reaches. The run will start at the town of Lockwood with the take out at USA Parkway. This section of the river passes through 10 miles of stream channel and floodplain restoration work implemented by the Nature Conservancy. The river meanders past mature cottonwoods and other lush riparian habitat, adjacent to dry desert uplands.

Education: The trip will include a stop shortly after the put-in at the McCarran Preserve. Lunch will be provided, along with a 1.5 hour presentation/discussion on a variety of river stewardship issues by the Nature Conservancy (stream channel restoration), One Truckee River (mitigating urban sources of pollution), Nevada Department of Wildlife (restoration of native fisheries), and Truckee Meadows Water Authority (river diversions for drinking water supply and irrigated agriculture).

Requirements: Solo or duo guest paddlers must be able read water, catch eddies, and ferry. Because of the high flows, guest paddlers may be required to demonstrate their skills at the put-in. Recommended craft includes whitewater kayaks (may have to demonstrate a roll), inflatable kayaks, or whitewater rafts.

Guest Paddler Limit: 20 paddlers in solo or duo boats, and 12 guest paddlers in two 6 person rafts.

Onshore option: Guest bikers will be encouraged to participate on the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway along this reach. More information on that coming soon.