2018 Truckee River Source To Sea
Educational Paddling Adventure

June 1st-3rd, 2018
June 8th-10th, 2018


June  1:  Student Team

  • Student Ambassador Team Orientation in South Lake Tahoe
  • Student Team explores a 9-mile class I section of the Upper Truckee River from Elks Club Drive in Meyers, CA  to Lake Tahoe.  Environmental Learning: Radical meadow and stream channel restoration by US Forest Service and California Tahoe Conservancy.  
  • Lodging:  Basecamp Hotel in South Lake Tahoe.


June 2: Student and Corporate Teams

  • Paddling Team explore a 12-mile section of the Lake Tahoe shore line from Camp Richardson to Meeks Bay in 6-man outrigger canoes.  Motorized boat support provided.   Environmental Learning: Water quality and restoration of Lake Tahoe Clarity.
  • Student Lodging:  Camping at Gooseneck Meadows Campground near Truckee California.


June 3: Student Team and Corporate Teams

  • Paddling Team explores a @10-mile Class III section of the Truckee river from Glenshire to Floristan in whitewater rafts. Environmental Learning:  Water supply and demand on the Truckee River, how to manage water for multiple benefits, and local river stewardship (Truckee River Watershed Council).


June 8: Student Team

  • Student Team spends a day at the Reno and Sparks Whitewater Play Parks, improving their paddling skills and learning about river safety in a variety of water craft.  Environmental Learning:  Impact of dams and diversions on water based recreation and fisheries migration, and importance of Truckee river to Reno drinking water supply.  
  • Student Lodging: Camping at the Nature Conservancy McCarren Preserve.


June 9: Student Team and Corporate Teams

  • Paddling Team explores a 10-mile Class II section of the Truckee river from Lockwood to USA Parkway in variety of water craft depending on skill level (rafts, inflatable kayaks and SUPS, hardshell kayaks).  On this day the student team and adult volunteers from One Truckee River and the Reno paddling community will also perform a  trash cleanup within the river and floodplain.  Environmental Learning:  Nature Conservancy stream channel and habitat restoration, and local river stewardship (One Truckee River).
  • Student Lodging: Camping at Pyramid Lake, on Paiute Indian Reservation.


June 10: Student Team

  • Student Team explores last 6-miles of the Truckee River by mountain bike, on the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway.  Includes a tour of the Marble Bluff Dam Fish passage facility. Environmental Learning:  Radical fisheries restoration of native species, Lahontan Cutthroat Trout and Cui-ui sucker fish.  Impacts of dams on river geomorphology.


some reaches may be changed based on actual river runoff during the time of the event