Stephen Linaweaveris a sustainability professional with a big passion for rivers. He was a founding Board Member for Rivers for Change. He has guided rafting trips in the US, Nepal, Kenya, and on the White Nile in Uganda, and has previously worked as an environmental educator for Save the Bay. When conditions allow, he still squeezes into a twenty year-old baby-blue Perception Dancer and  kayak commutes to work across the San Francisco Bay from his home in Oakland.


Judy Jensen: Judy started paddling in 2000 when she realized there were too many creatures that could eat in you the ocean if you weren’t in a boat. She began in an outrigger canoe and then transitioned to surfski. If it means being on the water she’s interested in trying it. Drawn to the community of the competitive racing scene she enjoys the ability to go out and paddle in amazing places. She wants to encourage more people to experience the joy of being out on the water and help preserve the places she loves to paddles in.


Kyle Sherman: While going to college in Montana he fell in love with anything in nature as well as sharing his passion with others. After college Kyle became a Wilderness and California state EMT. This and his outdoorsy side led him to guiding and ski patrolling. Since then he has been a safety coordinator for several races including the California-100, Gorge Downwind champs and the California Gold Rush. Kyle currently is a Tour Operations Manager/ Backpacking Guide for Just Rough in it Adventure Company and while he stares at the Colorado river from shore more than from behind oars these days he has seen the importance of preserving endangered rivers and believes that the best way to protect them are to let people compete on/against them.  Safely of course.