Photo by Cebolla Mendez.

1+1+1 is way better than 3! Mike, Adriana and Janet celebrate at mile 100. Photo by Cebolla Mendez.

A relay is the perfect way to experience the Cal100 without paddling 100 miles!  All of the upside of the solo race AND you get to share the fun, blisters, and stories with your team.

There are two special relay rules.  First, exchanges can only be made at the established check points.  Second, at least one leg has to have a different relay paddler.  Many teams either split the race as legs 1 & 3 and legs 2 & 4 or have a different paddler(s) for each leg – but mix it up, we don’t mind.

You can’t beat the camaraderie and lifetime memories paddling with a team, and it just so happens that we are giving a $20 discount to each relay team member this year!


Photo by Tome Gomes

The relay leg of Kristen and Robin set the pace for solo record holder Carter. Photo by Tom Gomes

Ready?  How it works.

Put your team together, select your team captain, and follow these simple steps.

  1. Gather the user names for the entire team.  (Teammates without a user name should register with PaddleGuru -it is free and easy  here)
  2. Captain – register your team.  Select the Adventure Class Relay or Competitive Class Relay
  3. Captain – add your teammate’s user names and complete your individual payment details.
  4. Teammates – now it is your turn to register.  Select the same relay class (the rest of your team will magically appear) and complete individual payment details.
  5. Go Paddle.