About the Clinics

The California 100 Pre-race training clinics exist to help paddlers succeed in an ultra-distance paddling race like the California 100.  Each clinic is led by professional paddlers and Cal 100 finishers and are staffed appropriately for each venue.  Each clinic has a specific skill focus and are inherently different from each other.  Whether you attend one clinic or all the clinics, you’ll be better prepared for long distance racing.  They are appropriate for paddlers of any craft and aren’t only for Cal 100 racers – anyone can benefit from these paddling clinics. By attending a race clinic you’re giving yourself a better chance of success and you’re helping Rivers for Change raise money for other programming.


Schedule of Clinics

February 22nd, 2015:  California 100 Pre-race Training Clinic #1
10:00am-3:00pm     Oakland, California      California Canoe & Kayak, 409 Water Street, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA 94607


March 8th, 2015:  California 100 Pre-race Training Clinic #2
10:00am-3:00pm     Redding, California      River Front Park (Sundial Bridge), 725 Sundial Bridge Dr, Redding, CA 96001


April 25th, 2015:  California 100 Pre-race Training Clinic #3
9:00am-4:00pm     Red Bluff, California

Focus: Paddling injury free for 100 miles

If you want to compete in the California 100 you need a powerful, but efficient, forward stroke that doesn’t cause a repetitive motion injury.  Kenny Howell of Epic Kayaks & Paddles will focus on how to do this while paddling down the river!  The goal for this clinic is to paddle from Checkpoint 1 to Checkpoint 2, or from Jelly’s Ferry (downstream of Checkpoint 2) to Checkpoint 3, depending on river flow that day.  We’ll also practice finding the best (fastest and safest!) line down the river.  Come prepared to paddle about 25 miles.  Adventure Class and Competitive Class participants welcome!  This will be an informative training day, with the opportunity to practice using your race-day supplies, rigging and equipment.  We will set up shuttles promptly at the clinic start time.  $60

Note:  In order to provide the best training opportunity, the exact meeting location along the Sacramento River will be chosen a few days before the clinic based on river flows at that time.  We will notify participants as the date approaches.  Meeting locations are not that far from each other so this won’t disturb drive times or planning.

Register Online:  paddleguru.com/races/California100TrainingClinic3



What to expect at all clinics

  • We will cover a range of topics which could include training, setting goals, nutrition, equipment rigging and more.
  • A substantial amount of time for Q & A and looking at individual equipment setups.
  • The group paddles will be appropriate for all levels and all vessels. They are geared to help you train smarter, not harder!


What to bring to each clinic

  • Your boat/board, paddle and your standard gear
  • If you want feedback & a realistic training opportunity, rig your boat/board as you think you may set it up for the race
  • Proper clothing for the on-water and on-land sessions (for point to point trainings bring 2 sets of warm clothes for the shuttle)
  • Plenty of food and hydration
  • Waterproof notebook and pencil if you want to take notes


Additional Resources

  • Susan Starbird puts on paddle stroke technique sessions through River Town Racers in Petaluma, CA.
  • The Wave Chaser Paddle Series offers Open Ocean races as well as novice beginner courses in the Bay Area. This is a great way to set goals and get involved with the paddling community.
  • Just Kayak More is an active paddling club in the Redding area with great resources on their website and regular Sacramento River paddles.
  • Kenny Howell of Epic Kayaks offers scheduled and custom courses via California Canoe & Kayak.  Learn more here or by contacting Kenny directly (Kenny at epickayaks.com).