Race Start: River front park, Sundial Bridge, Redding, CA
Cal 100 check in and start area
All Checkpoints will be marked with a pink round buoy placed just slightly before and to the corresponding side of the river as the checkpoint. Please approach all checkpoints and finish with caution to avoid colliding with other paddlers. To avoid injuring our volunteers or your boats, we will not assist you with your vessels at the checkpoints unless you request it.

2013 Checkpoint #1: Reading Island (river right) Start-Checkpoint 1: 24-25 miles

The 2014 Checkpoint #1 MAY be moved.  We’ll update once that’s confirmed.

Checkpoint #2: Red Bluff Recreation Area at the diversion dam (river left) Checkpoint 1-2: 31-32 miles

Checkpoint #3: Woodson Bridge, Tehama River Park near Corning (river left) Checkpoint 2-3: 24 miles

2013 Finish: Irvine Finch State River Access (river right) Checkpoint 3-Finish: 17-20 miles

The 2014 Finish MAY be moved.  We’ll update once confirmed.

2014 Cal 100 directions will be uploaded once Checkpoint #1 and the Finish are confirmed. 

The maps below are to be used as guidelines. It is the responsibility of each paddler to navigate the river safely. Arrows on maps suggest what is generally thought the best position to pass through particular sections: river right, river left, or center. Conditions of the river may change. The makers of this map will not be held liable for any accidents, injuries or deaths caused from use of this map.
River miles are taken from Sacramento River Conservation Area Forum and are approximate.

River Map 1
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