2017 Truckee River Source to Sea – the first, but not the last

The 2017 Truckee River Source to Sea Paddling and Environmental Learning Adventure is almost wrapped.   It has been an eventful month that began with in-school presentations to approximately 720 students in 4 different schools; South Tahoe Middle School in South Lake Tahoe, North Tahoe Middle School in Tahoe City, Sierra Experiential Learning School […]

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May 26, 2017 Newsletter

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Androscoggin River-SUP Source to Sea: Trip Post 3: The final frontier

The final stretch-

With clean clothes in our bags and a warm egg omelette breakfast to fuel us we departed Judy’s to the put in at Festival Plaza in Auburn. After an interview with the local Sun Journal we said our bittersweet goodbyes to Judy and Deb who warmly sent us off bearing gifts from the Androscoggin […]

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Androscoggin River – SUP Source to Sea: Trip Post 2

After a mostly sunny rest day in Bethel, ME spent re-stocking food, supplementing gear, writing about the trip, eating out and planning the next few days, we made an early departure on Day 7 October 12th.  What began as a foggy morning quickly turned sunny as we made great time heading towards Mexico, ME.  After […]

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Androscoggin River-SUP source to sea: Trip post 1

Rivers for Change board members Danielle Katz and Matt Palmariello are currently SUPing 190 miles Source to Sea down the Androscoggin River. Follow the journey on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Androscoggin River SUP Source to SeaThe Androscoggin River starts near […]

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Columbia Gorge Fact Sheet and Action Items

This last week Rivers for Change helped host the first Gorge Paddling Festival in the Columbia River Gorge. It was an incredible event, filled with epic downwinders, the North American Downwind Championship, and the Wildside Relay.

Connecting to a river and its communities, immersing oneself in its history, in its battles, and in its […]

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San Joaquin-Take 2: 2 years later

By Danielle Katz

There is a river that in its midst grows silent. It does not stagnate into a reservoir, nor trickle to a dreary end like the Colorado. Instead, it is siphoned laterally and horizontally into a complex web of aqueducts that mutes the river until some water is siphoned back in 30 miles or […]

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California 100 Recap


Thank you to all the people who participated in the 2014 California 100.  From the hard-working volunteer staff and the on-water safety crew to all the racers and their support teams, well done!  It was truly an inspirational weekend and a treat to […]

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Sacramento River Watershed

“The Sacramento River Basin provides drinking water for residents of northern and southern California, supplies farmers with the lifeblood of California’s agricultural industry, and is a vital organ for hundreds of wildlife species, including four separate runs of Chinook salmon. It is also the home of more than 2 million northern Californians. From […]

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River to Reel 2014

by Kiki Wykstra

January 10th was not a typical January morning.  It was about 20 degrees warmer than it should have been, but nobody was complaining. After all, for winter rafting you take all the sunshine you can get. Then there was the company. It was like the river mafia. Car after car pulled up to […]

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