Make a tax-deductible donation to this program today and help us reach our $5,000 goal to inspire and educate a new generation of river stewards. All proceeds directly fund this educational program and gives kids a hands-on chance to learn about rivers and the environment in the field.

Student Fundraising

If you were a student on this Source to Sea Paddling Camp and still want to setup your own online fundraiser for this program, please follow these directions.

  1. Visit GroupRev to create your own fundraising page.
  2. Press the Orange Button on the GroupRev page that says “Create a Page”
  3. Customize your fundraising page including Communication to family, friends, and colleagues. You can personalize your goal, end date, pictures and more. Don’t forget to personalize your Thank you message as well!
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If you don’t want to create your own fundraising page, share the existing fundraising page to help us spread the word.


In May of 2019, Rivers for Change paddled the Lamprey River from Source To Sea, a 50-mile journey down a historic Wild & Scenic River in New Hampshire.  Our team began at the source in Northwood and finished at the dam in Newmarket, where the Lamprey meets salt water. This was a scout trip to document the journey and determine appropriate sections of river to paddle with kids.

In July of 2019, Rivers for Change returned to the Lamprey River with a team of kids in our Lamprey River Source to Sea Paddling Camp.

Source to Sea Paddling Camp

Source to Sea Paddling Camp is a traveling day camp for kids aged 10-15. The Lamprey River camp let fourteen kids experience real adventure close to home while learning the necessary paddling skills needed for the trip. The camp follows the Lamprey River from its source to the sea on five important sections of river. The students learned about rivers and paddlesports, experienced a complete and diverse river system, and made a lasting connection with the Lamprey River.

The program cost in 2019 was $400. We were able to bring the cost for families down to only $125 per student by giving out thirteen scholarships for $275 each.

Student Scholarships

The scholarships given out this year were open to any eligible students and were offered by the Judy Jensen Memorial Fund. It was created in early 2019 and funded by individual donations in memory of Judy Jensen, a creator of this program and beloved RFC friend.

River Cleanup & Community Paddle

Seven Rivers Paddling hosted a river cleanup and community paddle day from 8am-11am on Saturday July 13th, following the Lamprey River Source to Sea Paddling Camp. They paddled a short section of river between Great Bay and Newmarket, NH with a small group of community members and ambassadors from other local non-profits.


Get Involved

Show your love & support for the Lamprey River by getting involved with this program.  There are opportunities for partners, sponsors, supporters & volunteers.  Please reach out to Matt Palmariello to find out more.  matt (at)

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